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«5" industrial (HMI)touch panel pc running Linux system .

«ARM mother board with Cortex A8 1.0Ghz

«Memory: 512M Bytes DDR2 SDRAM+storage device 256M flash

«Plastic case and Fanless design

«5" resistive Touch screen 

Datasheet (PDF)

  • «IPPC-C5000T is an industrial touch panel PC with 5″ high brightness LCD, the latest low-power ARM motherboard, 512M bytes DDR2 SDRAM+Storage device 256M flash. It has extensional storage Mirco SD, Max up to 32G.  It comes with 2*RS232, 1*RS232 (test port),1*RS485, 1*USB ports(1*tested USB), 1*LAN,9V~24V power input, smart fan-less design.
    «It has Installation methods: panel type, wall-mounted, VESA standard etc. and The product structure is very compact and robust with better vibration and resistance.

    «IPPC-C5000T is a cost-effective industrial grade touch panel PC, can be widely used in the communication, control terminal of the electric power, manufacturing, finance, traffic monitoring etc. 

  • IPPC-C5000T5″Industrial Panel PC,w/CPU: Cortex A8 1.0Ghz, W/RAM:512M, w/256M flash, support 9V~24V power supply, W/ Resistive touch screen, W/ Linux system.

  • 1* Box

    1* Embedded installation ( 4*clips)

    1* Power connector

    1* J1 connector

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5 inch Linux system HMI industrial touch panel pc