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  • «Withdrawing installation design, the length can be adjusted to fit the rack space.

    «Humanized design, can be installed and removed by only one person , which improves the efficiency of the administrator. 

    «To switch the host computer though the hotkey or OSD menu, which can manage up to 1024 computers. 

    «Password security protection, only authorized users can view and manage on-line computer. 

    «Support a variety of brand industrial computer and the sever, eg: EVOC / Lenovo / IBM / DELL / HP/ SUN, ect .

    «Support various operating system: Window XP, 7 /8 / 10 ,Microsoft, Linux, Unix,etc.

  • KVM - 1708C1U Rack mount 17" TFT LED KVM switch, W/ 8 RJ45 port , W/ 12V power supply.
    KVM - 1716C1U Rack mount 17" TFT LED KVM switch, W/ 16 RJ45 port , W/12V power supply,
    KVM-1732C1U Rack mount 17" TFT LED KVM switch, W/ 32 RJ45 port , W/ 12V power supply.

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CAT5 8ports/16ports/ 32ports 1U rack mount 17
LED KVM drawer

Main feature

« 19" 1U rack mount 17" LED KVM switch with touch pad+Mouse +104keys keyboard with integrated Digital&E-switch keys. 

« Supports front USB for keyboard/mouse .

« Support USB+PS2 local console .

« Excellent video effects, the best resolution is up to 1280*1024@ 75HZ. 

« Using RJ-45 interface, the CAT5/ CAT5E/CAT6 UTP cable are connected to the host computer ,control distance is up to 20M. 

« With 21 electronic al gain adjustment, it can avoid signal attenuation cause by distance problem .